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Enriching Musical Play for All Children


I love children and I love music. I am an early childhood music teacher and college music educator, teaching a range of students from infants to those pursuing their doctorates in music education.

My philosophy of music education rests on three principles: everyone is musical, music is important, and there are many ways to be musical. I am dedicated to increasing access to music for young children, particularly in my community of Cleveland, Ohio. My research focuses on musical parenting and parenting musically.

Music Play Zone is all about creating spaces for musical play for the children in our lives. On this website you’ll find resource lists for families and teachers, a blog with commentary on a range of topics related to early childhood music, and links to research I’ve published on topics related to musical play. Enjoy your time here in Music Play Zone!

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Q: When should my child start piano lessons?

A: A great question! There’s no one right answer to this, and it depends on several factors..